Space and Species.

Dear Journal,

Kunta Bear Space Cowboy

Kunta Bear Space Cowboy

Star date 2012 01 07. Saturday. Today my spaceship traveled to Florida where I observed interesting species participating in something they called “work.” This “work” meant that the prioritized other activities above napping. Ah, these Earthlings in Florida are certainly a primitive species.

Speaking of which… I love Species. Species is my build-a-bear friend who at one point in his life was most likely tortured in (most likely) the same facility in China that yours truly, Kunta K Bear received the torture. I’ll talk about the torture another day. I’m not ready yet to talk about it here.

Anyway… Species believes that he is a dog, but (1) he’s too small, (2) he’s a very bright blue, and (3) he’s Species. I think they most likely shrunk him or formed him during some experiments, but the Father rescued him and gave him to the Mother.

You see, the Mother, at the time, wanted a little dog. She may still want one, but the Father is very against it. The Father once had a dog and he said it was his best friend. When his doggy died, the Father was very sad; when people ask him “why don’t you get a new dog?” The Father says, “I still have a dog. He’s just not with me right now.”

So, the Father didn’t want to get the Mother a little dog for three different reasons. The first was what I told you about before. The second was that he didn’t think it would be fair to the doggie to be home all day by himself and lonely. Finally, he was afraid that he would sit on the dog by accident and smoosh him.

So, on my most recent trip to the Build-a-Bear hospital in Michigan (where I received a surgery), the Father rescued Species and gave him to the Mother. The Mother thought Species was adorable, but very soon kind of lost interest in him. So, I started playing with the Species and learning his backstory. Although he’s not as smart as a bear, and can’t really communicate very well, he’s got a good heart and he loves the Mother.

That’s pretty much all you have to have to be a good friend of mine. If you have a good heart and you love the Mother, you and I will be very good friends.

Ok, I’m tired and I’m going to nap. I have a very big day tomorrow… which I will tell you about… tomorrow.


Kunta K. Bear

Kunta Bear


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