Dinner without the Bear

Dear Mr. Journal,

Hello again, Kunta Bear here to entertain you with more stories about my day.

Today started off just as any other normal day in my recent life. I was awoken a little earlier than wanted by the Mother and the Father as they decided to go to work. I waited in the bed, napping, while they got ready. I then joined them at the shop, immediately using my special bear bed for the perfect nap.

Well, almost perfect. The perfect nap (for me) would involve cuddling with the Mother or the Father (or even both the Mother and the Father). Napping in my personal bear bed, with Mr. Duck, is a nice 2nd favorite nap.


kunta bear mexican restaurant

Me at the restaurant

The day was lovely. I napped in several different places and then it was time to go. The Mother and the Father (as well as the Abuelos) got the vehicles ready, turned on the alarms, locked the doors… and FORGOT ME!!!! I was screaming “HELLOOOOOO. You forgot me. You forgot Kunta Bear!!!” But nothing. Then the Mother must have heard me, because she came back (running) and said “i love you baby bear!!!!” Even though she was in like 27 troubles, I still forgave her. After all, she said “i love you.” =)

Then, we went off to one of my favorite restaurants. While the Mother and the Father enjoyed their dinner I hung out with my good friends Paco and Jesus Martinez. We told jokes, played games, and shared stories from the kitchen.

Very fun time.

Ok, it’s time for me to take a nap…


Kunta K. Bear

Kunta Bear


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