Something is very wrong with the weather

Dear Mr. Journal,

There is something very wrong with the weather here in the “sunshine” state. You see, Florida (in theory) contains a lot of sunshine– but something must be wrong, because none of this “Florida sunshine” made it to the ground today. The resulting lack of Florida sunshine resulting in my adorable little butt becoming very very cold.

When I awoke this morning, due to the Mother’s relentless coughing and keeping from falling back to bed (how rude), I immediately noticed that the warmth and humidity had left. I asked the Mother if she forgot to pay the rent or something. She said “silly bear,” which made me look at some of my Pooh brothers, because I know the Mother didn’t call me silly. No no no.


build-a-bear parka

Adorable in my parka

My adorableness generally requires an optimal temperature of 60°F — 89°F. When I find myself outside this optimal operating temperature my adorableness suffers. There are ways to increase this, such as my Build-a-Bear Parka. The parka, although amazingly adorable, only operates to bring my temperature back into the optimal range.

On-the-other-hand, when I get too hot, there’s very few options for me. Sometimes I wear my swimming trunks. Other-times, let’s just call it “Naked-Time.”

So when the Mother told me that the weather didn’t have a “rent” to pay, I asked if we could return the cold under a guarantee/warranty. She told me to write the Governor. Now the only governor I’ve communicated with was the former governor of Michigan. She and I had some uncomfortable moments on twitter.


The weather persons have told me that the warmth should be returning by this weekend. I don’t know where the warm went, but when it comes back… we’re going to have to have a looooooong talk.


Kunta K. Bear

Kunta Bear


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