Freezing Cold Florida Weather

Dear Mr. Journal,

Kunta is cold


I am so incredibly cold right now. Despite my beautiful and clean fur (remember: A clean bear is a happy bear), my warm Build-a-Bear parka, and the heater, I am so freezing cold that I don’t know what to do. I have ordered my brothers to gather around me and provide warmth, but they are also cold, so it’s not that much of a help.

I don’t know why it’s crazy cold right now. I moved to Florida for two reasons: (1) the Mother and the Father moved to Florida, and (2) because I like to be luxuriously warm and comfortable. My looking very adorable in my swimming trunks and the fact that the Disney World is so close were also very good reasons, but the warmth… the warmth… the warm, Florida sunshine was very important to me. Anyway, my biological clock doesn’t know what to do. Yesterday, it was like 75 degrees, warm, sunny, and lovely. Right now it is 28 degrees. TWENTY EIGHT DEGREES!!! Do you know how cold my nose is????? Anyway, enough about my freezing. This isn’t as bad as the torture I endured when I was in China, but that’s another story.

Let me tell you about my day.

Today I found the warmest little cubby hole (literally) above the coffee maker. I stayed in the hold most of the day while the Mother and the Father worked. It was a very busy day for them with people constantly coming in to talk with them.

I went home with the Mother and she cooked a bunch of vegetables for dinner. I don’t know about you… but between all the onions and broccoli, I’m going to stay very far away from the Father.

Ok my friend, Mr. Journal, I’m going to go back to my brothers and remind them to keep me warm.


Kunta K. Bear

Kunta Bear


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