A year in the life of a black bear…

Kunta Bear

Yours Truly

I know that yours truly, Kunta Bear, is your favorite bear– and I thank you.

As a proud member of the Black Bear family, I thought it would be great to help many of you learn about what a typical year in the life of a black bear might entail. Now, remember… I’m not really your typical Black Bear. Most of my fellow Black Bear brothers have not gone to Yale for their undergraduate studies– in fact, did you know that most bears don’t even go to college? It’s very sad. Something I’m trying to help with, but I digress. 

My friends at the North American Bear Center, aka Bear.org, have created a wonderful article called “Typical Year for Black Bears.” The information is simply fantastic, I’ve paraphrased below:

January: Black bear cubs are generally born in January. Hibernation continues.

February: All bears continue to hibernate.

March: Hibernation continues.

April: Bears are very sluggish from sleeping for a few months… but they leave their dens and start to look for food.

May: From being so thin, bears look for more food and start to slowly gain weight.

June: More slow weight gain…

July: More food eating– mostly berries.

August: More berries!

September: After so many months of eating, we start to get sluggish again.

October: Hibernation begins.

November: Hibernation deepens. A hibernating bear’s heart rate slows to as low as 8 beats per minute. Breathing becomes as slow as one breath every 45 seconds.

December: Hibernation continues.

You’re now smarter, thanks to Kunta Bear!

Kunta K. Bear

Kunta Bear


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