Goodbye 2011

Dear Mr. Journal,

Today is the last day of December in the year 2011. It’s been an amazing year for me and my brothers. I did mention I have many brothers, right? Well, there’s over 60 of them and we all live in a single room– but that’s a story for another day. Where was I? 

So this is the end of 2011, and I just wanted to share how grateful I am. Not in specifics… because, of course, I’ll always be grateful to the Build-a-Bear company for rescuing me from China, or to my the mother and the father for adopting me… but I am attempting to say that I am grateful for everything that I have received this year.

I have a loving family, and there’s never a shortage of love– even shared with so many of the brothers.

So Mr. Journal, I hope that you’re grateful to have made it through another year and looking forward to a fantastic New Year.


Kunta Bear

Kunta K. Bear

Kunta Bear


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