Its Friday, Friday, Friday.

Dear Mr. Journal, You know, I don’t even know your first name. But enough about you. Let’s talk more about me. First of all, it’s Friday. Whenever I say that, the Father says “It’s Friday, Friday, Friday” and then starts laughing. I don’t get it, but I don’t get a lot of what the Father … Continue reading

The Mother

Dear Mr. Journal, I’m very sorry that I have neglected y journal writing for so long. The reason for my tiredness, besides this being hibernation season, is that I have been very busy. You see Mr. Journal, I enjoy a very full day. For example, today’s schedule: 

Hibernation Blues

Dear Mr. Journal, You ever get the blues? You know Mr. Journal, most of the time I’m the happiest bear in the world. I mean, what’s not to be happy about? Right? I’m adorable. I’m smart. I’m cuddly. There’s so many things that make me special, it’s hard to remain modest. That being said, every … Continue reading

I love me some Disney

Dear Mr. Journal, Another day, another visit to Disney World. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but I go to Disney all the time. You see, the Mother and the Father have these special things called annual passes which mean they can go every day of the year– they don’t even pay for parking. The … Continue reading

Space and Species.

Dear Journal, Star date 2012 01 07. Saturday. Today my spaceship traveled to Florida where I observed interesting species participating in something they called “work.” This “work” meant that the prioritized other activities above napping. Ah, these Earthlings in Florida are certainly a primitive species.

Its Friday. Friday. Friday.

Dear Journal, Bears generally don’t care what day it is. Now us Black Bears (species Tedus Blackus), we treat every day like Sunday. That being said, I live in the real world. You know… the REAL world. In the real world, the Mother and the Father have to work, and different “days” make them act … Continue reading

Dinner without the Bear

Dear Mr. Journal, Hello again, Kunta Bear here to entertain you with more stories about my day. Today started off just as any other normal day in my recent life. I was awoken a little earlier than wanted by the Mother and the Father as they decided to go to work. I waited in the … Continue reading

Something is very wrong with the weather

Dear Mr. Journal, There is something very wrong with the weather here in the “sunshine” state. You see, Florida (in theory) contains a lot of sunshine– but something must be wrong, because none of this “Florida sunshine” made it to the ground today. The resulting lack of Florida sunshine resulting in my adorable little butt … Continue reading

Freezing Cold Florida Weather

Dear Mr. Journal, I am so incredibly cold right now. Despite my beautiful and clean fur (remember: A clean bear is a happy bear), my warm Build-a-Bear parka, and the heater, I am so freezing cold that I don’t know what to do. I have ordered my brothers to gather around me and provide warmth, … Continue reading